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InPAV Project

Inclusive Partnership on Violence against Girls and Women with Disability in Nepal PROJECT BRIEF Women and girls with disabilities remain largely excluded from gender-based violence prevention programmes, including the variety of women’s empowerment...

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Women's Health Project Phase V

Women’s Health Project, Phase-VI IntroductionMaternal mortality is one of the challenging fields in the context of developing countries and so is in Nepal. 99% of world maternal mortality is contributed by developing countries only. Among the major r...

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Nawalparasi Safe Delivery Project (NPSD)

The Safe Delivery Project- Nawalparasi (2019-2022) Background:  Green Tara Nepal (GTN) has implemented the “Safe Delivery Project” in southernmost part of Nawalparasi bordering with India from 2012-2018 in Narsahi and Thulo Khairatawa health posts, w...

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