Small-scale research projects


Research: Promoting evidence-based interventions and policy advocacy

GTN promotes evidence-based practices and research in coordination with academia and experts. Currently, it has several small-grants project collaborations with two UK universities: Bournemouth University  and the Liverpool John Moores University.

Small-scale research projects:

·      Social media and teenage abortion in modern Nepal, 2018-2019

·      Midwifery students’ understanding of Midwifery in a country where it is not formally recognised separate from nursing, 2018-2019

·      Support in International Delphi Consensus Study on Migration Health Research, December 2018-2019

·      Scanning of migration related publication in published and on-line journals of Nepal, January 2019

·      Scoping study to understand the maternal health, ageing & wellness in rural India to develop a grass-root centre, 2019-2021

·      Effectiveness of health component of pre-departure orientation training for aspiring Nepali migrant workers, June 2019

·      Kidney health-related problems migrant workers Malaysia, Jun 2019

·      Continuous professional development (CPD) nursing in Nepal,  2018-2020

·      Book Publication on “writing and publishing academic work”, September 2019

·      Baseline/endline study on safe delivery project (2018-2022) 

These small-scale studies either scope the extent of problems or act as pilot or feasibility studies suggesting large-scale studies.  These provide opportunity to establish research networks and disseminates findings for policy advocacy.  GTN will continue to partner with academics and experts in the future to strengthen its research and evidence-based programmes.