About GTN

Green Tara Nepal, a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit making non-governmental organization, established in 2007. It works in research, publications, advocacy, training and social mobilization in a holistic community development approach.

Green Tara Nepal works in collaboration and cooperation with community people, CBOs, NGOs, civil societies and, external development partners at national and international level and. It works in close coordination with the government sector at the federal, provincial, district and local level.

Values and Guiding Principles
• People cantered: Wet attempt to complement existing resources by keeping vulnerable and disadvantageous people in the center of the program
• Collaboration and teamwork: We believe in teamwork and collaborate with other agencies and partners, who respect similar values.
• Integrity: We respect honest, transparent and ethical people and programs
• Empowerment: We help a targeted population in decision-making to live a better life
• Centre of Excellence: We aim to develop our organization as a center of excellence for tangible benchmarks. We define excellence as a means to demonstrate that have the skills and commitment to achieve a goal
• Good stewardship: We prefer a good steward of the resources that make a good return on the resources available to the organization.