a. Evaluation of Health Promotion Initiatives in Nepal

GTN conducted a ‘first of its kind’ study to explore health promotion initiatives undertaken in Nepal which envisaged exploring and evaluating the health promotion initiatives in Nepal.
Study Objectives:
 Review of current global health promotion approaches,
 Identify key players and range of approaches for health promotion in Nepal,
 Analyze Nepal’s current health promotion policy
 Review and document successful health promotion interventions delivered by various organizations in Nepal and
 Identify key gaps in current health promotion initiatives in Nepal.
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b. Health Promotion Curriculum Review

GTN is currently reviewing curriculum of all health related certificate, undergraduate and graduate degrees in Nepal to study the inclusion of health promotion content in the curriculums. Several rounds of conversations have been held with the academics from all universities and vocational training institutions of Nepal. This activity was done as a part of follow up activity towards the recommendation made by 1st National conference on Health Promotion in Nepal. This activity is led by Ms. Aditi Rai Sharma, Research Associate, under the supervision of Prof. Padam Simkhada and Prof. Edwin Van Teijlingen from Liverpool John Moores University and Bournemouth University respectively.