Thinking Health

Education, Poverty and Health are the topic of concern in each country. Its significance increases if the country has less of these things to offer to its denizens. Factors like peace, development treads along if the first three goes in tandem. Being a self acclaimed learner of Public health, I often opt for Health when I receive a moment to pick any one of these.

If we turn over the pages of Millennium Development Goals, Human Development Report etc. Nepal withers towards the rock bottom position with least development made in the field of Public Health so far. Whatsoever the information suggests, I often ponder within myself and wonder, is the situation as dire as it is rehearsed? And most of the times I don’t believe myself. Despite being resources deficit country, I personally don’t feel the situation to be that preposterous as depicted in the newspapers and media. I am not giving the praise to the health system but just trying to point to the fact that there are few innate things that helps maintain the health situation of the people resulting in an overall country’s status. The first one is the body’s innate ability to regain its previous state or homeostasis. Basically this state is maintained through the synchronized and meticulous efforts of the body’s defense mechanism, which fights the antigens trying to invade the body’s system. The next thing that I have noticed is the Human’s natural instinct to pervade the suffering. Knowingly very few persons practice such behavior which has immediate detrimental effects in their health. People commonly resort to those behaviors which have quite a long term effect, and no one seem to care the long term consequences as they think who’s going to live forever. This self consciousness often prevents the human from the malaise. At the same time, unhealthy things gives a sordid appearance that easily repels the individual; rotten fruits gives bad odor, stale eggs are infested with worms, other expired foods generate fungus coverings, impure water gives unclean appearance etc. The cognizance to characterize this basis reality often set aside oneself from committing health compromising behavior. The third factor that I have noticed is the social scrutiny. Our kith and kin are easily tantalized by our behavior which may have some effect over our health or social status. We basically try avoiding those practices disliked by our family and community. The unremitting awareness and care towards us, gives us a sense of relief and power to persevere.