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Green Tara Nepal, a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit making organization, established in 2007. It works in research, publications, advocacy, training and social mobilization in a holistic community development approach.
Green Tara Nepal works in collaboration and cooperation with community people, CBOs, NGOs, civil societies and, external development partners at national and international level and. It works in close coordination with the government sector at federal, provincial, district and local level.


    We are non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit making organization.


    We work in health promotion, strengthening health system, women empowerment, demand creation for services, evidence-based policy, advocacy, training and social mobilization.


    You can support the activities of Green Tara Nepal and its related areas of work.

Maternal, newborn and Adoloscent Health Promotion Project, 2024- 2025, EDM

Contribute to improve maternal, newborn and adolescent health (MNAH) Background: In Nepal, despite a lot of progress has been made during the last decade in terms of decrease of mortality rates for women and new-borns and coverage of matern...

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Learning Champion, 2022-2026_ KD, KT, BMZ

Learning Champions Despite Pandemic: Strong Girls II (2022-2026) 1.0 Background: Strong Girls Project (Sept. 2018 – Apr. 2022) focused on improving the quality of education in the targeted areas among Dalit and marginalized girls and...

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School and Community Health Promotion Project (SCHP) 2023 to 2028, KASIN

School and Community Health Promotion Project, 2023-2028 Summary of the Project 1.0 Background: Kids at School in Nepal (KASIN), is a Charity organisation working in Nepal since 2004, with the vision that all children have the right to a dece...

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Promotion of Child, Adolescent and Maternal Health Promotion Project- Dolakha (DHP) (2022-2025) Background: ChildAid Network (CAN) –a Germany based non-government organization has been supporting rural communities in Nepal for improving health,...

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Bajura Maternal and Newborn Project, 2022-2024_ KD, EKFS

Improving Access to Maternal and Child Health Care and Family Planning by Strengthening the Health System and Promoting Health in Rural Areas of Nepal PROJECT BRIEF Background In Nepal, maternal, neonatal and child health (MNH...

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Research 2012-2024

Research: Promoting evidence-based interventions and policy advocacy GTN promotes evidence-based practices and research in coordination with academia and experts. GTNs experiences in managing research projects are summarised below:...

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Dignity for Women Project (DWP) 2021-2024 KD, KT, BMZ

Dignity for Women - Ending Chhaupadi: Safe menstruation instead of stigmatisation and exclusion and access to reproductive health in Western Nepal PROJECT BRIEF Description The Dignity for Women Project launched in September 2021 and is projected to...

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Prof. Edwin Roland van Teijlingen

Bournemouth University

Great research-focused non-governmental organisation working in health and development field.


Prof. Padam Simkhada (MSc, PhD)

University of Huddersfield

Green Tara Nepal is doing great for health promotion in nepal.


Susanne Traud-Dubois

Karuna Deutschland

Karuna Deutschland and Karuna Trust have been partnering with Green Tara Nepal since its establishment. I find it’s a professional organisation dedicated for improving the health and well-being of the people in remote Nepal with a particular focus on women and children.

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Mar 2013

First National Health Promotion Conference

Green Tara Nepal, in collaboration with Green T...

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